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spring 2020

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Our story is still being written.

We’re proudly local and delightfully offbeat. Maybe it’s because a relaxed and unhurried approach is our speed. Or maybe it’s because we forgot to add an anchor to our logo. But we are intentional about honest and genuine hospitality. We’re rethinking the basics, and planning on doing them darn well. That’s what happens when you lock arms with talented and passionate people who care—seriously care—about craft and community.

lucky us. lucky you.

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the facts

We’re currently open as The Mainstay, but we won’t stay that way for long. Everything will change—except the shingles—after a sweeping renovation this winter. With 200 large rooms, a full service restaurant, fitness center, outdoor pool, two event spaces and lots of parking, we’ve got a lot to offer. Yep, “the works”. And it’s all designed by Reunion Goods & Services. Check in and check us out near Miantonomi Park in Newport’s North End.


The Mission Crew is on board. And we’re giving them the keys with no curfew. It will be a delicious mashup of Mission’s low-brow brilliance and TSK’s adventurous palate. All done by really good people—the kind we all root for. 

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