young adults eating and drinking at The Wayfinder Hotel

Local love

The Wayfinder is a passion project for Newport natives with a homegrown brand identity, a family-run restaurant, a locally beloved boutique, and over 1000 pieces of artwork from emerging Rhode Island Artists. Meet the crew of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who are proud to call Newport, RI home.

Phil Hospod, Hotelier

Why I Love Newport

I’ve fallen in love with Rhode Island. I got married in Bristol and have been spending summers sailing Narragansett Bay, picnicking at Newport Polo matches, building sand castles at 2nd and 3rd beach, and sipping Del’s Lemonade wherever possible. Simply, Rhode Island is magic. And the undisputed gateway to the splendor is Newport, the City by the Sea.

But it is Rhode Islanders themselves who inspire me. I feel really lucky to work with such a creative, scrappy, and genuinely good group of people. They have made the creation of The Wayfinder Hotel fun, engaging, and ultimately very satisfying. I’m excited to share all of our hard work with Newport and our visitors from all over the world.

- Phil Hospod


Anna Burnley, Mission Group

Why I Love Newport

Newporter, born and raised ... escaped ... travelled ... then found myself missing this sweet city by the sea. This is my hometown, where I am most comfortable, where generations of my family live, where everyone seems to know your name. We tend to take the beauty for granted, but a quiet stroll down the cliff walk or a cruise along the ocean drive at dusk are lovely reminders.

Our creative community has come together here at The Wayfinder—all good, humble people and I couldn't be more stoked to be part of this talented team of collaborators!

- Anna Burnley


Jenn Shore, Artist & Design Director

Why I Love Newport

I like to think that Newport offers two lifestyles; one on land, and one on water. I grew up on the water, which gave me a perspective that I will forever be thankful for and inspired by.

Very early on I wanted to focus on the local lens as a source of inspiration. We derived the color palette from the colors that are most prevalent here in the off-season, as a nod to this coveted down time for those that live here year-round. There’s a magic to this place that I wanted to highlight, which meant showcasing what is here naturally.

- Jenn Shore


Catherine Druken, Artist & Photographer

Why I Love Newport

I really value the variety of surroundings that can be experienced in Newport. From my doorstep I can enter the bustle of Broadway, wander through narrow back roads and end up at a quiet (or raging) body of water all in under 30 minutes. I observe so much on foot that I might not have noticed in a car or even on a bike. These observations feel like little treasures, and the mental shift they allot for me are everything. I have come up with some of my favorite concepts during these walks.

- Catherine Druken


Jenny Brown, Artist

Why I Love Newport

Both the rich history and abundant natural beauty of Newport inspired my works for The Wayfinder. As antiquing and collecting paper ephemera have always been at the heart of my creative practice, I began by thrifting old postcards of Newport for this collaboration. I then embellished the cards with lush paper florals as a way to both honor and give new life to the old stories of this beautiful corner of Rhode Island.

- Jenny Brown


Liz Kelley, Artist & Curator

Why I Love Newport

My inspiration in the body of work I created for The Wayfinder grew from their baseline vision of being relaxed, happy and carefree. I imagined what a day in sunny Newport would look and feel like - salty breezes, ice cream, and losing sense of time at the beach. All of the perks that come with having the chance to unwind in this gem of a town.

- Liz Kelley

liz kelley

Jake & Steph Kopper, Shore Soap

Why I Love Newport

Rhode Island's coastal ambiance and a shared passion for the sea helped ignite the vision behind Shore Soap Co. We channeled our inspiration into quality products that embody both nature and simplicity. Everything, from the artwork and fragrance names to the ingredients we use, is influenced by the sea.

- Jake & Steph Kopper


Alexis Souza, Boutique

Why I Love Newport

I was born in Newport and raised here on Aquidneck Island. It is one of the most beautifully charming places I have ever been to. After living out west for six years I realized I need two things in life: changing seasons and the ocean. So here we are in the city by the sea. There's just something about those hopeful springs, breezy summers, colorful falls, and serene winters. Not to mention the local community here is unlike any other. I am so grateful that my business and I get to be a part of it all.

- Alexis Souza